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Welcome to the Raw Food Central Organic Produce Co-op, The SMART way to live organic.
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Raw Classes

Our next upcoming Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle classes begin Sunday, January 12th.

Register to come to the next first class at a Bargain

~ If you have a group of 6 or more, a raw class will be separately added to our schedule for your group at a time and date that fits your groups schedule. . . . Call for Details or sign up HERE.


Raw Food Diet
& Lifestyle
(Information Below)

Date / Time / Location

Jan.12th, 2014 @ 3:00pm
83 White Oak Dr. 
Berlin, CT 06095
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To Register

Click Here:
or call 860-925-6869

Raw Food Central is dedicated to helping those who want to take
responsibility for their own health.

It is our sincerest goal to educate and demonstrate how;
You Can Choose Not to be Sick!

We offer classes and support to improve your body, health and life!
Our Get Healthy Stay Balanced HealthPath Classes are where you will learn why so many people have physical and emotional problems and how they can be overcome, avoided and eliminated simply by eating a plant based raw food diet.

"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but interest her
or his patients in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease"
Thomas Edison,
America's greatest inventive mind.

You will learn how to:
  • Lose unwanted weight 
  • Prepare foods that create Health
  • Eliminate sickness, disease and drugs
  • Purify the body and create stamina
  • Take control of your own Health and Life
  • Add years to your life and life to your years
  • Understand many of the human body's amazing abilities
  • Eat foods that control emotions and give power to the mind
  • Sort out facts from propaganda and the truth from misinformation

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free"   

Learn how the body absolutely has the ability to heal itself. The Get Healthy Stay Balanced HealthPath program is based on the original diet given to mankind by God. (The first and True Natural Hygiene) The program does not represent a temporary way of eating and taking care of your self. It presents you with a complete and wonderful lifestyle change that works! Taught by an instructor who has personally experienced the benefits for over 30 years.
Remember, if you ignore your Health it will go away!

Let us teach you the Truth about Health through Education and Demonstration.

We are offering several different ways in which you can learn to take control of your own health destiny, they are as follows...


Our classic 9 week course which meets 1 day a week for 9 weeks.

Each Class Includes :Raw Food Central Class Room

       Raw Recipe Demonstrations
       Food Sampling
       Recipe Book
       Reference Book
       Video Series
       Personal Support
       Q & A

This group class teaches and demontrates a well rounded approach to a raw diet and lifestyle. You will have over 500 raw recipes to choose from. Each class runs between 3 to 4 hours depending on the topic and meals demonstrated. Many questions are answered and close friendships are made. These classes are as much fun as they are educational.

Cost = 995.00 /
 Spouses or persons living in same household as primary registrant = 495.00, Register Here (includes Books, Food and other Materials)

*When you register and pay for our Classic 9 week raw food course you may take it over as many times as you wish for free in the future.
(A $10.00 food fee required per class)

Private Group Classes of 6 or more

These classes offer the same as above, the difference being, they will be scheduled outside of our regular class to fit the time and dates of your group.

Register Here - $995.00 - Call for Details - 860-925-6869

Private Classes for one
 (has option to include spouse or close friend, and can also be combined with group classes, see below)

Includes all the above with the inclusion of hands on one on one food preparation and education time includes a full raw meal to take home that you helped prepare.

A much more intense education and demonstration experience.

This class can be tailor made to fit your needs and lifestyle. This series of private classes can be flexible to work around your time schedule. Your classes can be scheduled within any given week, once or several times a week for a series of 9 classes.

Cost = 1,995.00, (If spouse or close friend wishes to take the course with applicant a discounted fee of half price will be applied. Can also be combined with group classes.) Register Here

Phone Coaching

We will coach you by phone on how to change over and prepare whole raw foods step by step. We will "hold your hand" by phone and Video. Call or email for details.

Cost = 90.00/hr.

Contact Curt at: 860-925-6869 -

If your interested in taking any of the upcoming series of classes and want more information please contact: Curtis Griffing at 860-925-6869 or email: griffing@sbcglobal.net







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